Makrofilt Szűréstechnikai Kft offers complete solutions for sludge dewatering problems in industries like:

technologiak       – Chemical
       – Pharmaceutical
       – Beer
       – Paint
       – Food
       – Galvanization
       – Ceramic
       – Wastewater treatment

Success is almost 100% guaranteed by the fact that our company is able to make some test on site with a pilot filter press. In this way we gain a clean idea about the real operating conditions. This provides a great security in choosing the filtration technology.

We provide two main types of technology:

1. Liquid filtering technologies

In this case we provide our clients with a complete dewatering device with all the supplementary devices from the feed pump to the discharge pipe. Here follow some examples. The following two animations are presenting the dewatering process used for chamber filter presses.

 Filtering process  Dewatering technology

2. Complete sludge-dewatering technologies

In this case we not only provide the filter press and its complementary devices but also the dewatering technology and supplementary devices (containers, stirrers, feed pump). Here follow some example for complete dewatering technologies.

Flow sheet: sludge dewatering with iron chloride calcium flocculation